Corrosion Control

result in the loss of integrity of pipelines and petroleum processing and storage facilities.

Microbial corrosion control and oil bio-fouling is a highly multidisciplinary field involving a number of different concepts from microbiology, metallurgy, electrochemistry, chemistry and physics.

Further, the term “microbial corrosion” covers a variety of forms of corrosion in the world, associated with many materials, bacteria and fungi present in water, soil and the atmosphere.

Due to problems in the downstream and upstream environment, (i.e., produced water), sulfidogenic anaerobic bacteria have been responsible for a major form of microbial corrosion.  Bacteria associated with oil field and pipeline corrosion produce sulfuric acid and other acids and metabolites that in time, result in the integrity loss of pipelines and petroleum processing and storage facilities.

Microbes BioSciences’ SARA BioMobile product line uses naturally-occurring bacteria to promote favorable changes in oil field microbial profiles while controlling microbial corrosion and bio-fouling sulfate reducing bacteria.