About Us

Microbes BioSciences is a research and development company with a strong focus on advancing new technologies for the marketplace.  We are a diversified biotechnology research and development company that specializes in scientific technologies that include:

  1. Microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) and bioremediation of soil and water.
  2. Agricultural liquid Bacillus bacteria amendments
  3. Custom formulation and manufacturing for targeted pest control
  4. Biological nematode and fungal control
  5. Animal and human nematode control
  6. Microbiology and soil science studies
  7. Granular, organic, microbial fertilizers

The company was founded in 1988 as a microbial enhanced oil recovery and bioremediation company.  It soon expanded to acquire agriculture patents that led to its introduction into the agriculture crop fertility and crop protection business.

Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery and Bioremediation

Microbes BioSciences uses specific microorganisms selected for their ability to use hydrocarbon as a sole carbon source for growth.  Our process introduces microbes into the producing formation and uses the reservoir environment as a bioreactor.  The process results in microbial molecular cracking of long chain hydrocarbons into shorter chain hydrocarbons and the bio-production of organic acids, surfactants and gas.

Agriculture Crop Fertility and Crop Protection

Microbes BioSciences applies scientific strains of bacteria to enhance plant growth and crop protection.  Our patented fertilizers and liquid microbial amendments support the plant rhizosphere to improve soil and plant fertility.